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Indoor sky diving, tank driving and other alternative activities in San Diego

Visitors to San Diego looking for a challenging alternative experience will be spoilt for choice. Whatever you decide to do, getting out of your comfort zone can involve anything from indoor skydiving to making cookies. Here are some popular but unusual activities to consider.

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For stress reduction and deep relaxation, you could try floating. Also helpful for relieving pain, floating involves immersing yourself in buoyant warm salt water in a dark flotation tank room. Sessions typically last for 90 minutes and this time is spent alone, with only the sound of your breathing and the awareness of your heartbeat slowing as you relax. You will emerge refreshed and ready for any challenge.

Tank driving

Driving large military vehicles is an activity that we do not usually have a chance to experience; however, a tank experience can give you a taste of military life. Many different historic tanks are used, and handling them presents a real challenge. Over 20 years ago, a former soldier high on drugs stole a tank and rampaged through San Diego; however, tank driving activities are generally well supervised.

You can learn to drive a tank at various venues in the US and the UK, with experiences available from providers such as

Indoor skydiving

For a unique experience, why not try skydiving at iFLY San Diego? You don a helmet, goggles, earplugs and a flight suit; however, rather than jumping out of an aircraft, you step into a 50-foot high vertical wind tunnel. The four wind fans create a cushion of air that helps you to hover as if you are skydiving and an instructor helps you to get the most out of the experience. This is the nearest thing to flying most people experience.

Colouring in the Rose Garden

You may not have picked up a colouring book since your schooldays, but colouring has become increasingly popular as a way for adults to reduce their stress levels and relax. Regular art sessions are held at the Rose Garden.


The San Diego Symphony Orchestra puts on various concerts throughout the year, often starring world-famous musicians such as Lang Lang. If your idea of music is downloading the latest hit by your favourite band, why not move outside your comfort zone and see what classical music has to offer?