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Turning a shed into a garden office

If you have an existing, possibly dilapidated, shed taking up space in the bottom of your garden, why not upcycle it? A lot of people are now working remotely from home thanks to the beauty of wifi and the ability to remotely log into company systems via the cloud, so having a space in the home to work effectively is an essential. If your house is too small for an office space that means more than the dining table or the couch, your shed could be the answer you need.

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Garden building – not a shed!

Your shed will likely need a fair overhaul before you can turn it into an office studio. A shed is not the same as a garden building and this is important to remember. A sheds is a basic wooden structure used to shelter tools and bikes and so is not designed for the same function as a home office studio. A garden office is supposed to be like a room in the house with ventilation, heating, power sockets and nice flooring. Less spiders, more skylights.

If you currently have a long commute to work, then a garden office makes a lot of sense. According to the following Daily Mail article, you can reduce your carbon footprint massively just by commuting to the end of the garden. Not using public transport or a car reduces your emissions and cuts the time it takes you to go to work, meaning you can spend longer with your family too.

Conversion theory

You could indeed convert your shed into a proper garden office, but it will take a lot of work and an awful lot of money. Garden offices are dramatically different to sheds in that they have many wall layers and each one plays a big part in insulating your office space. A shed typically only has one layer as it’s a basic shelter. Your garden office is anything but basic! By using specialist websites like, you can ensure that you get the best interiors you need for your home office space.

Think about power socket placement and how this will affect your insulation in the garden office. It’s a better idea to start from scratch and rebuild than try and convert an existing shed space – it’ll be cheaper too!